Macquarie University

Individual Research Cooperation between Telecooperation Lab and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Since 2011, the team of Prof. Max Mühlhäuser (CYSEC PI and Head of the Telecooperation Lab) has maintained a close working relationship with the team of Prof. Vijay Varadharajan, Microsoft Chair Professor in Innovation in Computing and Director of Advanced Cyber Security Research Centre (ACSRC) at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Their collaboration began with an evaluation of trustworthiness within complex IT infrastructures and systems focusing on cloud computing ecosystems. The collaboration resulted in a computational trust model and a logic for modelling trust and uncertainty called CertainLogic, which was published, e.g., in the TRUST 2011 conference.

In recent years, Prof. Varadharajan and his team have worked extensively on hybrid trust techniques that combine hard trust characteristics (e.g., certificates) and soft trust characteristics (e.g., reputation). Both partners extended their previous work of assessing and quantifying the trustworthiness of cloud computing services to include consideration of the security capabilities of cloud providers. Dr. Sheikh M. Habib from the Telecooperation Lab was invited as a Visiting Scholar for three months for the purpose of intensive work on this issue with Prof. Varadharajan’s team, jointly funded by Macquarie University and TU Darmstadt. This collaboration resulted in two scientific publications in IEEE TrustCom 2013 and ACM SAC 2013 (TRECK track) on assessing, quantifying, and validating security controls and capabilities of cloud services using hybrid trust techniques. As part of this long-standing collaboration, Prof. Varadharajan also visited the Telecooperation Lab as a Mercator Fellow in 2016 and delivered a keynote speech at the Security & Privacy Week 2016 in Darmstadt.

A list of all joint publications can be found here.

The collaboration has been supported by two projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Doctoral College “Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users” and the Collaborative Research Center CROSSING.