Microsoft Research Lab

Individual Research Cooperation between Prof. Neeraj Suri, Dr. Michael Pradel and Microsoft Research

Since 2003, CYSEC PI Prof. Neeraj Suri has maintained an active working relationship with Microsoft Research as a board member of the Trustworthy Computing program at Redmond, Washington State, USA and with Brendan Murphy at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. Their joint research explores techniques for enhancing software resilience to operational and deliberate perturbations. Utilizing experimental software methodologies, researchers inject perturbations to assess the propagation of anomalous behavior. The goal is to establish principles of what to inject, when to inject and how to inject along with developing the metrics to measure injection effectiveness. This active collaboration has resulted in multiple publications over the years, as well as exchange visits including sabbaticals at Microsoft Research.

CYSEC PI Dr. Michael Pradel actively collaborates with Dr. Benjamin Livshits from Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA. Their joint work focuses on understanding and preventing security problems in server-side JavaScript applications. This work has been supported by EC SPRIDE, and is supported by CRISP, and the Emmy Noether project ConcSys.