Rice University

Individual Research Cooperation between SEEMOO and Rice University, Houston, USA

„Houston, we have a problem“ could be the description of how the collaboration between the team of Prof. Matthias Hollick (CYSEC PI and Head of the Secure Mobile Networking Lab SEEMOO) and the Networks Group of Prof. Edward Knightly at Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, began. SEEMOO researchers discovered an innovative attack vector against a class of physical layer security schemes, and a supposedly secure scheme proposed by the Houston group was shown to be vulnerable to this attack vector in an NDSS 2014 paper. The ensuing discussion led to a close collaboration between SEEMOO and Rice University in the area of physical layer security. Since 2014, both teams have collaborated closely on topics such as security for millimeter-wave communication as well as visual light communication and successfully published their findings. The results achieved so far have shattered the myth of the inherent security of highly directional wireless communications and advocate the need to consider realistic attacker models for practical physical layer security schemes. Joint visits have been instrumental to this collaboration: among others, multiple SEEMOO PhD researchers have been visiting Rice for months at a time to use testbed facilities at Rice.

The collaboration has been supported by Collaborative Research Centre CROSSING.