Two accepted papers at EuroCrypt


Two accepted papers at EuroCrypt

Success for CYSEC researchers

Two papers of CYSEC research group were accepted at EuroCrypt 2019:

Benny Pinkas (Bar-Ilan University), Thomas Schneider (TU Darmstadt), Oleksandr Tkachenko (TU Darmstadt), Avishay Yanai (Bar-Ilan University): Efficient circuit-based PSI with linear communication.

Stefan Dziembowski (University of Warsaw), Lisa Eckey (TU Darmstadt), Sebastian Faust (TU Darmstadt), Julia Hesse (TU Darmstadt), Kristina Hostáková (TU Darmstadt): Multi-Party Virtual State Channels.

EuroCrypt 2019 will be held May 19-23 in Darmstadt. General Chair is CYSEC-PI Prof. Marc Fischlin.

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