Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communications & Female Student Travel Award

07.06.2018, 15:30 – 17:45

07.06.2018 16:15-17:15

Ruzena Bajcsy is a role model for female scientists: her love of engineering and her zeal to thrive in a field that to this day is underrepresented by women is exemplary. Celebrating Bajcsy, the SFB MAKI brings leading female scientists to TU Darmstadt. Also the MAKI-CROSSING Female Student Travel Award is given.

Organizer: MAKI & CROSSING


15:30 Come together

16:15 Welcome to the Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures (Herr Prof. Dr. Steinmetz)

16:20 „Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communications“: Organic Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks (Prof. Dr. Anna Förster, Universität Bremen, Deutschland)

17:15 Welcome to the Female Student Traval Award (Frau Dr. Süß)

17:20 Presentation of the winners from 2017

17:30 Handover of the Award Certificates of CROSSING (Prof. Thomas Schneider) and MAKI (Prof. Andy Schürr)

17:45 Get together