IRSE Presidential Programme Technical Meeting

07.02.2019, 17:00 -19:00

07.02.2019 17:00-19:00

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, TU Darmstadt; Max Schubert, DB Netz AG | Location: Mornewegstraße 32 (S4|14), Room 5.3.01, Darmstadt

The fifth Presidential Programme Technical Meeting for 2018-19 of the Institution of Railway Signaling Engineers (IRSE) comprises two talks, both exploring Cybersecurity in Railway Sig¬nalling. The event is kindly co-organised with the profile area Cyber¬security of TU Darmstadt.


  • “Challenges in Designing Secure and Resilient Railway Command and Control Systems” by Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, Security Engineering Group, TU Darmstadt
  • “The Balancing Act of Implementing Cyber Security” by Max Schubert, DB Netz AG

The talks begin at 18:00 and will be preceded by a welcome reception (17:00).

We warmly invite you to join us for this event, and to engage in the discussion that follows. These meetings provide an excellent op¬portunity for networking supporting your professional develop-ment. Non-IRSE-members are very welcome.

To attend please register at until 1st Feb 2019.