Reading the Crypto Classics: Schnorr: „Efficient Identification and Signatures for Smart Cards“

13.01.2021 10:00-11:00

Moderator: Rune Fiedler, TU Darmstadt, Cryptoplexity Group | Location: Online

Organizer: Christian Janson, TU Darmstadt, Cryptoplexity Group


This talk is the third one in the seminar series „Reading the Crypto Classics“ for the very special winter term 2020/2021. The idea of this seminar is to jointly read classical milestone papers in the area of cryptography, to discuss their impact and understand their relevance for current research areas. The seminar is running as an Oberseminar, but at the same time meant to be a joint reading group seminar of the CROSSING Special Interest Group on Advanced Cryptography with all interested CROSSING members being invited to participate.

This issue will cover the paper/talk

Schnorr: „Efficient Identification and Signatures for Smart Cards“ (Crypto 1989); DOI: 10.1007/0-387-34805-0_22

with the following abstract:

„We present an efficient interactive identification scheme and a related signature scheme that are based on discrete logarithms and which are particularly suited for smart cards. Previous cryptoschemes, based on the discrete logarithm, have been proposed by El Gamal (1985), Chaum, Evertse, Graaf (1988), Beth (1988) and Günter (1989). The new scheme comprises the following novel features.“

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