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Within the CYSEC profile area, researchers at Technische Universität Darmstadt study cybersecurity and privacy protection. 33 research groups from eight departments (Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, History and Social Sciences, Biology, Human Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Law and Economics) of TU Darmstadt are members of CYSEC. In its various joint and independent projects, CYSEC performs internationally renowned, top-notch research in numerous areas of cybersecurity. Through the degree program in IT-Security as well as various course offerings, CYSEC trains highly specialized professionals in the area of cybersecurity, and supports and promotes future researchers. Technology transfer via national and international cooperation with non-university research institutions and industrial partners, and the provision of consultancy services to policy-makers, society and industry complete the profile of CYSEC. As a member of CRISP, the Center for Research in Security and Privacy Darmstadt, CYSEC contributes significantly to regional improvement through its core competencies in research and teaching and by acting as a hub for cybersecurity research and industry. 


CYSEC research is grouped under ten areas of research. Find your respective area of interest and view the principal investigators involved and a portfolio of topics and projects. [more]



A list of our experts, showing their departments and areas of expertise. View their respective research areas, topics and projects. [more]


Departments involved in CYSEC


More than 30 research groups from eight departments are members of CYSEC and study issues surrounding cybersecurity and privacy protection.

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