Prof. Max Mühlhäuser

Computer Science
S2|02 A 114

Hochschulstraße 10
64289 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 6151 16 - 23200
Personal Homepage

Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser is head of the Telecooperation Lab and Dean of Computer Science at Technische Universität Darmstadt. He is leading the Doctoral School on “Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users”, PI at the CRISP research center and at the collaborative research center (CRC) on Cryptography-Based Security Solutions; he acts as deputy speaker of the CRC on the Future Internet. Together with about 35 team members, he conducts research in several fields, e.g., addressing the following problems: (1) Sound assessment of practical measures for IT security and QoS scenarios based on computational trust models, privacy for mobile and for smart meter networks, damage/attack resilience for critical infrastructures such as smart grids; (2) Innovative Human Computer Interaction, e.g., based on 3D-printed personalized devices or on-body-interaction, for novel mobile technologies, electronic tables and walls; (4) Smart Spaces – ranging from personal assistance “cocoons” via smart products and business processes, smart manufacturing plants and cities to global knowledge spaces, applying machine learning; (5) The Future Internet – enabling „Big Data Networks“ for sensor, event and interaction streams, and enabling “in network processing” in software defined networks (SDN) including edge and end nodes. Following his PhD in Karlsruhe in 1986, Prof. Mühlhäuser was founder and head of an industrial research center. He worked as either professor or visiting professor at universities in Germany, the US, Canada, Australia, France, and Austria. He published more than 400 Articles, books and book chapters. 2012 he was appointed Adjunct Professor at QUT Brisbane, since 2015 he is a member of acatech, the German Academy of the Technical Sciences.


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