Thinking about security as early as the design phase

The European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC SPRIDE) researches how IT developers can optimally secure software and IT systems from the very beginning – i.e. "by Design" – and throughout the entire lifecycle.

The results are of relevance for pretty much every growth market: from the software industry, to the automobile and industrial engineering sectors, to utility and healthcare companies.

However, there are very few standards, processes and methods, which IT developers can use in order to be able to take the IT security requirements of their software into consideration from a very early stage. As a result of this, IT systems are generally not checked and made safe until after the design stage has been completed, which, in turn, results in unnecessary costs for both the manufacturers and users.

EC SPRIDE wants to close this "gap" with the assistance of new findings and tools as well as flexible procedures.

More information

EC SPRIDE's funding period ended November 2015. The subsequent project is CRISP, the Center for Research in Security and Privacy.


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