CRISP - Center for Research in Security and Privacy


National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity

CRISP is a collaboration between TU Darmstadt – represented by CYSEC, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT), Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD) and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da). Over 450 researchers are working on topics related to security and privacy. This partnership represents the largest alliance of research institutes in the area of cybersecurity within Europe.

The research projects are interdisciplinary – involving various subject areas such as engineering, philosophy, physics, psychology, law and economics – and they cooperate both nationally and inter­nationally with non-university research and industry partners.

Under the core topic “Security at Large”, the center’s research activities focus on the study of security for large systems, starting with their individual components up to their interaction within comprehensive security solutions. The research areas “Secure Internet Infrastructure” and “Secure Web Applications” are both flagship projects at CRISP.

CRISP is funded by the Federal Ministy of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal State of Hesse. The center derived from the former IT security centers EC SPRIDE and CASED, respectively funded by the German Federal Government and the State of Hesse.