Graduate School

CYSEC Graduate School

The CYSEC Graduate School offers an excellent Ph.D. program which prepares its doctoral candidates for careers in both business and academia. In addition to high-quality supervision, the graduate school provides continuing education in professional qualifications and transferable skills. These programs are part of the structured Ph.D. program which guarantees a doctoral degree within a reasonable time frame. Due to the small size of the graduate school and the mingling of various research groups and collaborative projects, including CROSSING, and the DFG Research Training Group “Privacy & Trust for Mobile Users”, networking opportunities abound at the CYSEC Graduate School. Frequent conferences and workshops encourage and promote the formation of professional relationships between experienced researchers and doctoral students.

The graduate school emphasizes internationality and intercultural exchange between academics. Many of the scholarship holders travel from countries around the world to pursue their Ph.D. at TU Darmstadt. Likewise, participants of the CYSEC Graduate School are actively encouraged to spend several months conducting research outside of Germany. Via these experiences, young researchers acquire new perspectives on research and teaching, and experience the cultural norms of other countries. In order to promote and encourage women to establish careers in cybersecurity research, the graduate school offers female Ph.D. students specific support – for example, a mentoring program which addresses women's issues and challenges in the field of technology.