New Leopoldina project: Digitization and Democracy

CYSEC PIs in new working group


Democracy is fundamental for liberal societies. To survive, democracy must evolve with a constantly changing society. Digitization plays an important role in the current social change, but also for the challenges of democracy.

Picture: Leopoldina

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has recently founded the new working group “Digitization and Democracy”. The working group deals with different aspects of the relationship between digital media and democracy, e.g. the ongoing discussion that digital media influence political views and opinions and hence manipulate elections. Besides CYSEC spokesperson Prof. Johannes Buchmann, who is the spokesperson of the working group, CYSEC-PI Prof. Reiner Anderl (Department of Mechanical Engineering) is also a member of the new working group. At Leopoldina, Prof. Buchmann additionally is a member of the working group “Big Data – Data protection – Privacy” and the scientific commission “Digitized Society”.

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