CogniCrypt workshop at UK PHD Winter School on Cyber Security


CROSSING researchers present intelligent crypto assistant

Krishna Narasimhan, Michael Reif and Anna-Katharina Wickert will give a workshop on CogniCrypt at the UK PHD Winter School on Cyber Security from January 13 to 16, 2020 at Newcastle, UK.

The 3-hour hands-on will introduce CogniCrypt to the participants and explain how to securely use cryptography as a programmer.

The UK PhD Winter School on Cyber Security

The UK PhD Winter School on Cyber Security provides an opportunity for PhD students in Cyber Security to focus on real-world large-scale current and future problems and issues. By engaging with each other and experts from academia, industry and government, research students will develop innovative ideas from the intersection of their research projects.

Drawing from the themes identified within the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK), our programme of talks, activities and presentations will ensure students receive a broad coverage of key issues and advances in cyber security.

This event is hosted by the University of Newcastle, in association with the University of Bristol, NCSC and EPSRC.

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CogniCrypt – Secure Integration of Cryptographic Software

A large number of recent studies have shown that most software applications that use cryptographic procedures misuse them. The VeraCode Report State of the Software Security 2017 lists the insecure use of cryptography as the second most common cause of software vulnerabilities, right after data leakage.

Eclipse CogniCrypt was developed within the collaborative research center CROSSING of Technische Universität Darmstadt. It allows developers to quickly identify and fix security-critical misuses of cryptographic libraries.

The plugin Eclipse CogniCrypt ships in two main components: A wizard for code generation that supports a developer in generating secure code for common cryptographic tasks and a static code analysis that continously checks the (generated and non-generated) code of the developer directly within Eclipse.

>> CogniCrypt website