IEEE Special Issue in Post-Quantum Cryptography wins Award of Excellence

30th Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence Competition


IEEE Security & Privacy has been awarded the 2018 APEX Award of Excellence the second year in a row. The winning issue is the July/August 2017 issue on “Postquantum Cryptography" that was organized by CROSSING spokesperson Prof. Johannes Buchmann.

Because of public-key cryptography’s relevance and quantum computers’ increasingly realistic threat to this technology, it is necessary to come up with practical and secure postquantum cryptography. This special issue aims to present the state of the art and the grand challenges in postquantum cryptography and to discuss the transition of real-world systems to the new technology.

In addition to highlighting in-depth articles on cryptography, this issue also features pieces on tailoring privacy to the average user, digital self-defense and its legal underpinnings, and geocoding the Internet.