Female Student Travel Award 2021

CROSSING prizes to Hannah Keller and Yvonne Mao


With this award, the Collaborative Research Centers MAKI and CROSSING, the Research Training Group Privacy & Trust and the LOEWE Center emergenCITY appreciate exceptionally well performances of female students in computer science, electrical engineering and information technology. As travelling is not possible this year, the winners were awarded a prize money of 500€.

Since 2014, the Female Student Travel Award (FSTA) is awarded annually. By now, four projects are participating in the FSTA. This year was the first time that seven awards were given with a record-high of applications.

The winners are:

  • CROSSING: Hannah Keller and Yvonne Mao
  • MAKI: Helena Mehler and Franziska Herbert
  • RTG Privacy & Trust: Laura Hetz
  • emergenCITY: Yani Zhang and Khrystyna Rud