CROSSING researcher gives Invited Talk at Mobile Health Forum 2016


Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser speaks about security implications of mobile health

Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser gave an Invited Talk (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet) (German) at Mobile Health Forum 2016 in which he set out security issues of mobile technologies and systems with respect to health. Given the ever more privacy critical data captured by networked mobile-health devices, and the increasing use of personalized networked actuators like insulin dosimeters, exosceletons or pacemakers, mobile health may be considered the most security critical application domain of mobile technologies.

The Mobile Health Forum aims at discussing the benefits, risks and challenges of mobile health care – ranging from enormous opportunities for personal healthcare or related industries to issues such as privacy protection and secure authentication. Mobile Health Forum 2016 (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)was held on August 31 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.