M.Sc. IT Security

Please find detailed information on the structure of the master's programme IT Security below.

Programme start: summer and winter semester

More information: Counselling Centre at TU Darmstadt

Please note that coursework for this degree is in German. Applicants who are non-native German speakers must include certification of German language level.

The master's programme total 4 semesters. Mandatory core courses lay a foundation. Students select courses from three elective subject areas:

  • Cryptography comprises a choice of diverse modules on modern encryption procedures and other fundamental cryptographic algorithms and protocols.
  • System Security offers a range of possible courses on the security of embedded systems and networks.
  • Software Security contains courses on the security and reliability of software and the design of security architectures for large IT systems.

Additional courses including relevant aspects of Computer Science provide a “big picture” overview of IT security. Seminars, projects, research papers and practical courses transform theoretical knowledge gained into practical experience.

The Department of Computer Science supports part-time studies at TU Darmstadt. Details on the requirements and application procedure can be found on the central website pages of TU Darmstadt.

There are a total of 120 CP:

  • 30 CP master's thesis
  • 12 to 15 CP of accompanying achievments: provided by seminars and practical courses
  • 75 to 78 CP provided by lectures from the four elective subject areas: Cryptography, system security, software security and “selected complimentary topics”

You must complete a minimum of 6 CP as well as a mandatory lecture within each area . All other lectures may be individually selected from the four elective areas.

Mandatory lectures

The following three lectures are mandatory for all students of the master's programme IT security:

  • Introduction to Cryptography (Cryptography area)
  • Embedded System Security (System security area)
  • Introduction to IT-Security (Software security area)

Please note: If you already completed any portion of the mandatory master's lectures in the optional subject area of you bachelor's degree, those lectures must be replaced by elective lectures worth the same number of CP.