Erasmus partner universities

Our preferred Erasmus partners for study abroad within the master's programme in IT Security are:

Aalto University, is a Finnish multidisciplinary university in the fields of science and technology, economics, architecture, and art and design.The Department of Computer Science at Aalto provides world-class research and education in modern computer science to foster future science, engineering and society. The Aalto Secure Systems research group is known for its top notch system security research and excellent collaboration with industry including companies like Ericsson, F-Secure, Huawei, Nokia and SSH, all of which have R&D operations in the Greater Helsinki area.

Exchange students can select from a variety of courses, among them

  • Network Security (T-110.5241, 5 ECTS)
  • Mobile Systems Security (CSE-E5480, 5 ECTS)
  • Cryptography and Data Security (T-79.4502, 5 ECTS)

Link to the Department of Computer Science. More information will be available soon.

Link to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. More information will be available soon.

EPFL is a leading technical university. With 120 nationalities, it is the most cosmopolitan university in Europe. Its school of Information and Communication Sciences has a strong tradition in the area of information security, with four highly active research groups: Profs. Bryan Ford, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Arjen Lenstra and Serge Vaudenay.

Offered courses in the field:

  • Cryptography and Security (7 ECTS credits), Prof. Vaudenay
  • Security Engineering (6 ECTS credits), Prof. Ford
  • Privacy Protection (6 ECTS credits), Prof. Hubaux
  • Advanced Cryptography (4 ETCS credits), Prof. Vaudenay
  • Number Theory in Cryptography (5 ECTS credits), Dr. Dimitar Jetchev

EURECOM is a fully international Graduate Engineering School in ICT located in Sophia Antipolis, EUROPE’s biggest techno park, in the South of France next to Nice and Cannes (more than 300 days of sun per year). The teaching benefits from leading-edge research as our faculty is internationally renowned in Digital Security (as illustrated by the number of press quotes and publications). Close cooperation with companies and a hands-on curriculum provide students with an industry-oriented study environment.

All the courses at EURECOM are opened to international exchange students. The track in Digital Security covers a comprehensive range of applications:

  • Secure Communications
  • System and Network Security
  • Cybercrime and computer forensics
  • Security applications in networking and distributed systems
  • Hardware security
  • Imaging for security applications: biometrics & watermarking

Link to the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications. Further information will be available soon.

The Faculty of Engineering Science started in 1864 as Ecoles Spéciales des Arts et Manufactures du Génie Civil et des Mines. Today it is a multidisciplinary school training academic engineers with a sound scientific background, an advanced technical knowledge, a stimulated creativity, a concept oriented approach and with an open view on social issues.

The faculty comprises seven research departments: Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Education is organised for approximately 4.250 students, of which 1.200 are international students, comprising 1.600 Bachelor students, 1.500 Master students, 250 Advanced Master students and 900 PhD students. Exchange students coming to KU Leuven can choose – among others – between the following courses:

  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Security of networks and computer systems
  • Privacy Technologies
  • Biometrics System Concepts
  • Big Data Analytics Programming
  • Privacy and Big Data
  • Analysis of Large Scale Social Networks

A comprehensive list of courses available at KU Leuven can be found here.

Prospective Erasmus students should visit the Incoming information website of the Department of Computer Science for information on the application process. For general information about the Erasmus programme please go to the Erasmus website of TU Darmstadt.

A report on the Erasmus experiences of an IT security student can be found on our German website.

English IT Security courses for incoming Erasmus students

The following courses from the master's programme IT Security are held in English. Some lectures are only offered in the summer or winter semester.


  • Applied Static Analysis (Dr.-Ing. Michael Eichberg)
  • Biometric Systems (course offered at h_da, open for TU Darmstadt students) (Prof. Christoph Busch, h_da)
  • Formal Methods for Information Security (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel)
  • Operating Systems II: Dependability and Trust (Prof. Neeraj Suri, Ph.D.)
  • Security of Web Servers and Web Applications (course offered at h_da, open for TU Darmstadt students) (Prof. Harald Baier, h_da)

Practical Courses

  • Reliable Software Security for Mobile Devices (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel)
  • Software Dependability Lab (Prof. Neeraj Suri, Ph.D.)
  • Teaching Lab – Internet Security and Security in Mobile Networks (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hollick)


  • Building and Breaking Complex Software Systems (Prof. Ph.D. Neeraj Suri)
  • Current Topics in Concurrency and Parallelism (Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel)
  • Cyber Security Seminar (Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner)
  • Mobile Security (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi)
  • Privacy & Anonymity in a Networked World (Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner)
  • Security of Software Defined Networking (Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner)
  • Side-Channel Attacks on Software (Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel)

Link to the list of all credited courses (both German and English) offered in the master's programme IT Security at TU Darmstadt.